New Photo Site…new Blog !


I have little time to spend customising / updating / tweaking my photo site.  So, although I’d love to have the time to learn the intricacies of CSS and HTML, to be honest, it ‘aint happening.

I had been using Digital Photo Gallery for the last couple of years – and it’s very good. But to get the most out of it if you want anything other than a basic site, you need the aforementioned skillz.  On top of that, it was costing me £15 per month, which to be honest, is hard to justify.

I’ve been aware of SmugMug for a while, but when I looked at it previously, it still wasn’t customisable enough without, again, having additional coding skills.  However, in the last couple of weeks they’ve released a major upgrade and soon after checking it out…I knew I was going to move.  Enough easy customisation for me, additional functionality inserted / used very easily  (social networks, commerce, professional photo lab integration) and a yearly cost at a significant saving…all in all a real no brainer.

So here it is…my new site…welcome !

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